What to expect inside...

This magical course will you begin healing the relationship with yourself so that your relationship with others will thrive!

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    • Course Intro

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    Module 1 - The Why

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    Module 2 - Our Past

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    Module 3 - My Relationship Boss Method

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    Module 4 - Walk the Walk

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    Module 5 - Come Together

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    Module 6 - Put a bow on it!

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Are you ready girl?

This is when you decide to commit to transforming your life and relationships. I'd ask you to trust me on this, but hey, I'd rather you decide for yourself...

Treat yo self today!

Because you deserve to love yourself wholeheartedly.

See what past relationship bosses have to say...

  • Alex

    "Having a coach like Christina in your life is such a valuable tool. She asks all the right questions to really help me find new insight into tough situations. Conversations with her just make me feel really aware and present, giving me new control over my life. I feel ready to tackle things with a new confidence. Thank you Christina for your support, and inspiration!"

  • Paige

    "One of my first real relationships felt a bit overwhelming at times and Christina was there to help me see things from all perspectives. She’s helped guide me through asserting my wants and needs, communicating my feelings to my partner, and has pushed me to never settle for less than what I deserve. I have a much greater sense of self confidence and understanding of what I need to be fully happy in my relationships."

  • Blair

    "Working with Christina has really opened my eyes to a new me. She gave me all the right tools to believe in myself. She really is there for you every step of the way and checks in often. I am a tough one to break open and she really got me to open up and we got really deep. I thank you Christina so much for being you and I can’t wait to see how others lives have changed too from you."

“How you love yourself, is how you teach others to love you.”


You get to choose...

You have the power to create your own happiness.

It's time you took the path towards self love, self awareness, self worth, and self empowerment. If you never master these areas of your own life, how do you expect others to love you the way you want to be loved? And how can you give the love that you want to give? 

It's time to face your fears, choose YOU, choose happiness, and choose to follow the path the universe is guiding you on! You landed here for a reason, follow your intuition.

Based On Facts

It is a fact that people treat you the way they see you treat yourself.

This applies to your relationship with your spouse, your family, your friends, and co-workers. 

You also need to understand that you cannot depend on other people to make you happy, you need to be your own biggest fan, your own hype woman, and your own queen to the kingdom that is your life. 

No one can make you happy, the way you make yourself happy. Sometimes we just need a little accountability, guidance, the right tools, and support to get us to that place of self love! 

My words of wisdom for you:

“Self love doesn't just happen over night, we are all constantly a work in progress. Sometimes you find yourself riding this crazy roller coaster of life and asking yourself, what am I missing? What am I doing wrong? You are doing nothing wrong, that is the first mistake. Instead of asking yourself, "what am I doing wrong," ask yourself, what needs to change? What do I want, desire, and need? Then you commit to the process, commit to yourself, commit to your relationships, and commit to making that change you desire. It all starts with, YOU!” CHRISTINA MARIE | THE RELATIONSHIP BOSS

Why wait? Start the course now!

Why put off taking yourself & your relationships to the next level? You can buy my course, It All Starts with YOU right now for less than a month of Starbucks. Making the decision to do the work, commit to change, & invest in yourself is the strongest thing you will ever do, what are you waiting for?