Doors are open!

The choice is now yours to choose healing, growth, & healthy love. If you crave change, you must take action to create that change!

You'll walk away from this workshop:

  • Knowing you can now break unhealthy relationship patterns.

  • You will have a grasp on your triggers & know how to navigate them so they don't come between you & your current or future partner!

  • You'll feel as if you finally have control over your life & relationships.

  • Setting healthy boundaries will no longer scare you but EMPOWER you!

  • You'll learn new coping skills to help you function & thrive in every day life.

  • And honestly you just won't feel so alone in your journey any longer.

Treat Yourself!

Your trauma is not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility

Are you ready to secure your spot (spots will sell out fast, I only accept 10 women) this life changing group program is so near and dear to my heart as I left an abusive relationship & realized the importance of healing from that past trauma! 

Together we will heal from any past relationship trauma you may have experienced so that creating healthy relationships become your new normal! 

Never broken, just lost includes:

- 3 months of group coaching calls 

- Monthly 1:1 calls with me! 

- Slack chat support

- Holy grail of workbooks

- And an amazing community

“Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time and energy (money is energy exchanged) needed to develop yourself.” ―Denis Waitley

Client Love

Take a look at what former Relationship Workshop attendees had to say!

"You changed my life!"

- Laura

You changed my life! I began this workshop feeling broken, unworthy, and helpless. Now, I have learned that I am worthy and deserving of love and happiness! Christina helped me gain self-esteem and confidence to find my light again through life’s challenges. Christina, I instantly connected with you when learning our past was so similar. Your encouragement, positive attitude, and bright light brought me out of the deep hole of darkness. You taught me that I’m worthy of all the wonderful things this life has to offer. Any future clients would benefit and grow from this amazing workshop while connecting with other strong women in the same life situation and creating lifelong friendships. You are an amazing gem of a human, Christina, and I am so lucky to have met you and consider you a great friend!

"Thank you Coach for creating a safe space for us to be ourselves and guide us out of our darkness. "

- Lissette

Thank you Coach for creating a safe space for us to be ourselves and guide us out of our darkness. I reached a low point in my life where I needed help. Diagnosed with depression, wrestling with anxiety, and fighting back suicidal thoughts. I somehow manifested you into my life (which I call God sent) I decided to invest in myself!!! I took a leap of Faith and decided to go through the darkness and have Hope that their would be Light on the other side!! I thought I was prepared but it was not easy to break out of that space, especially when I felt at the bottom of life and with the world around us crumbling down (thanks 2020). You helped us face our Fears and not only that, that we are strong and worthy to fight for what we believe in!! Whatever your Truth is we are exactly what we are looking for!! Now I am not afraid to speak my Truth. No I am not perfect and yes I am still learning and growing to Face each Fear. I do it afraid and when I do those small wins mean so much because it feels amazing on the inside to believe in yourself. For anyone reading this, just know you are not alone. You might be in a bad place momentarily but that is not the end of your Beautiful Life Story. Get up and Invest in Yourself! You are Worthy of so much more than you think!!! Love you Tina! You're the Best Coach! The world needs more of Christina!

I feel like I have really evolved and I believe that you have to grow as a person before your relationship can grow.

- Maia

She was easy to speak to about any topic regarding my relationship and myself. During individual sessions, she aided me in appropriately resolving my grief I felt from the passing of family members during the COVID pandemic. She identified items that were contributing to my inability to communicate with my fiancé and showed me how to effectively speak with my fiancé so we understood each other. We spoke about how to remove myself and my fiancé from the past events that may have caused pain in the early part of our relationship so my fiancé and I may live in the present and be excited for our future. I recommend her to anyone else who is ready to try to heal and/or learn about themselves and their relationship. You will not be disappointed. I can honestly say, she has saved my relationship, my fiancé and I were two people deeply in love with each other but missing the tools and knowledge on how to actually build a healthy relationship. I’ve seen us go from toxic to healthy and I can’t say thank you enough Christina.